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* it's something free that means a lot to me. when i'm with my friends, i feel home *

Hey everyone!

I had an awesome weekend and I hope you guys did, too. I won't sit and recap but I do want to know what everyone thought. I heard from a few people that it was a "really good" rally, but they could have just been saying that knowing how worried I was about it. =P  If I met you this weekend, or even if I've never met you, feel free to IM me 'cause you're awesome. (Mishg102)

So high/lows would be much appreciated. Great? Good? Ok? Really bad?? What you liked, improvements we could make (sorry, guys. the cabins are what they are), general reactions... anything.

To my GV's... thank you just for being amazing people to look up to. You make me cry but I love you anyway. Some of you I've been through some unforgettable times (the good, the bad and the ugly) and some of you I barely know. If I don't know you, IM me because I already love you. And well... I'll miss you. <3


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Always & Onward, Michelle *South Shore*

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