Sam (nvrlndreamer) wrote in leaders,

"Things I Learned From A Weekend In Westfield"

Being alone on the highway with the windows down makes you feel like you can fly...

Between cathy and Walmart you have everything you need...

Christie Cleaver should wear a cape... beacsue she's truly a super women.

Ben Cannon no matter what will always be able to make you laugh smile and then shake your head

A tear can help you see someone clearer

That you dont always need to see someone to know they're there.

running from one person can bring you closer to another

In Leaders when you cant see anything (especially if you're being blinded by ben's light) there will be someone's arm you can grab who will lead you on your way...

All if takes is a ball of yarn to bring people closer together...

"If" can be one of the greatest questions alive

Never share a moment with lisa... it could make her crazy.

that even though katelyn's ridiculous and there's a hole in her face, there's definitly not a hole in her heart...

beth will always be somewhere dancing...

blue can give amazing hugs and will always be that nice guy when you need one.

Jay Peeee is the definition of a gentleman

Frank has old shoes... but has confirmed that god hates techno.

No matter how many times you break him, ben beresferd(sp?) will keep moving.

It takes a lot of rain to be able to truly appreciate when there's sun

Even if you turn the clocks back time will still pass you by

you cant ask for anything more than an amazing little brother (ps... kevin... we're fighting)

a kiss on the cheek, hand, or forehead (all Y appropriate) can make eveything better.

even though westfield girls are crazy (which they are) they're still some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, especially the first years... just by meeting all of them I know that leaders will be okay.

Sharing your name is okay when you share it with amazing people

looking for something that's right infront of you can be harder than looking for something in the distance

If you start the race in last place, dont worry you can still pull through in the end

Marshall is on a good wave length

Seeing and being there when someone experiences their first event is a wonderful thing.

sometimes all you need is a ball and a friend to have a good time

Love shows it's face in many ways

everytime you hear the words "it's that time" it makes it easier and easier for it to actually be the last time

a hello can be just as difficult as goodbye

no matter where you sleep, cathy's apartment will always be more comfortable.

And that pulling into your driveway can actually be one of the sadest things you do.

thank you to all for an amazing weekend, it was much needed :-)

(ps. Pictures to come)
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