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  2005.08.28  17.52

So here they are... the pictures that go along with the most amazing week of my life. Thank you all for making it so awesome. Donkies on Parade, I love you more than I could possibly express. GV's each and every one of you hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget any of you. Keep in touch everyone!


  2005.08.28  00.12

I added some more pics... you should check them out!!



  2005.08.27  22.54

I posted my pictures in my journal. Check them out. Send me links? <3 Yeah. I pretty much miss you guys, and I love every single one of you.


  2005.08.27  20.31

its impossible to describe the feeling when u step out of a bus in to the freshest air on earth,
in the brightest warmest sunshine in the universe,
and getting the most friendly heartfelt hugs from the best people in existence

some of you may have already seen that
but its true is it not
I Love you all
words cannot express it
congrats to sam and ramon
congrats to all the 1st years who were inducted
congrats to all the second years who are now vets (woot woot)
and good luck to all the GVs of 2005 and good luck to the new GVs of 2006

♥♥♥Tyler Cavanagh


  2005.08.27  12.25

nels, oh five was amazing.
2nd is the best.
gvs good luck in everything.
congrats sam k & ramon.
thank you to everyone.
nine is fine.
bryan, best friends- wouldn't
have done it without you. ly.

i can't describe this week, i
can't write all that happend.
its so much, to many memories.
if you were there you'd undertstand
i love you all. & i miss you




  2005.08.27  09.31

Thank you to everyone who was there this past week... it was amazing, I love you all so much, the gifts that you've given me are irreplacable.

I want to write a long entry about everything that happened and all the moments and the inside jokes. However, there are some moments that you cant describe, almost as if they're a secret to only those who were there, becasue they are truly the only ones who will understand. NELS 05 is our little secret, and I love it that way.

I've started putting up pictures... there are much more to come.


GV BF 05


  2005.08.26  23.35

What I Learned at NELS 2005Collapse )


  2005.07.17  20.20
we could make millions writing books about the way it could be

maddie+ leaders = Omg amazingly wonderful happiness

maddie + leaders + being in LOWELL = *droool*

thanks to everyone at leaders for making my weekend awesome. special thanks to ben for being my payback man. and niki p for being my shaving cream buddy. and christine and addie for being my gophers. and jenny for giving me battle scars to remember her by. and nina for making me cry. and kshant for "Prank Phone call!"

lost in a sea of memories and absolutely orgasmic joy.
the only downer with leaders, is coming home.

call me at the station (PLEASE!)

cell: 617-968-7596
aim/email: teckietrackie06@aol.com

whatever you do keep in touch cuz you rock my world!

Mood: amazing

  2005.07.17  14.46

Check out my journal for Benapalooza pics

i love you guys


  2005.06.22  19.46

If you live in Rhode Island or close to it come check out some of the best of the local scene at

July 30, 2005.

6:30 Pm, $5.

Kent County YMCA A FRAME! Warwick Rhode Island
Bands include:
And This is For..

Right Side Down

Leah Stargazing

Midnight Renewal

Slik Willy

It's going to be off the hook so tell all your friends!


  2005.06.21  15.10

Look at what I got last night!!!  awwwwwCollapse )


  2005.06.05  22.10

You can tell you had fun at a leaders event if you are in physical pain afterwards. I;ve got a cut on my wrist, numerous small cuts on my legs, sore legs, shoulders, and arms. I vote Stewie an A+

Everyone there was aweosme. Thanks to Andover and Lowell for showing up, as well as Christie. Hopefully i'll see you all at Leaders school AND Benapalooza.

P.S. Night time UFO rules. Next time maybe with significantly different color glowsticks. Yellow vs Green wasnt really cutting it. haha.

Mood: tired

  2005.06.02  12.11

if you have a myspace, join the leaders group



  2005.05.25  21.37

Hello all leaders. i draw my own comic and host it on my LJ please check it out. thanks.


  2005.05.10  16.53

Hey everyone!
I need the Class of '06 to get in touch with me ASAP. I have a few ideas that I want to bounce off you guys. Either leave your email address here for me or email me at BoSox2k4@adelphia.net.

Eventually, I want to talk to our entire class so if you could pass this along to those non-LJers, it would be great -- especially New Yorkers. I don't have a lot of their addresses.

Thanks a bunch. I love you guys! See you in August -- hopefully before. <3

_XoxO_ Michelle *South Shore*

Mood: excited

  2005.05.06  15.56

hey i just joined! ive been in leaders for 5 years and i go to the westerly-pawcatuck YMCA. my advisors are chad and d'anne, you might know them!

the spring rally was my second rally ever...lol yes.

well i dont know what to put so add me if you want
im jessica lol
my IM - liljt2006
email - liljt2006@yahoo.com


  2005.05.05  09.12
ken ton leaders

hey y'all...my name is emily and i graduated from ken-ton leaders last yr but clearly i'm still a part of the whole leaders thing cause i worka t the y and they couldn't get rid of me if they wanted to...anyways the ken-ton club needs some help...they've lost their mojo and don't quite seem to have the leaders spirit anymore...i know its the end of the year and all but if anyone has any suggestions or tips i'd love to pass them on to the club!

just wanted to let the gv's know that they kick ass this year!

you can im me (emly1014) or email me (pointe25@hotmail.com) or just post it in comments....thanks bunches!!



  2005.05.01  23.23

Spring Rally 05 Pictures



  2005.05.01  19.49
* it's something free that means a lot to me. when i'm with my friends, i feel home *

Hey everyone!

I had an awesome weekend and I hope you guys did, too. I won't sit and recap but I do want to know what everyone thought. I heard from a few people that it was a "really good" rally, but they could have just been saying that knowing how worried I was about it. =P  If I met you this weekend, or even if I've never met you, feel free to IM me 'cause you're awesome. (Mishg102)

So high/lows would be much appreciated. Great? Good? Ok? Really bad?? What you liked, improvements we could make (sorry, guys. the cabins are what they are), general reactions... anything.

To my GV's... thank you just for being amazing people to look up to. You make me cry but I love you anyway. Some of you I've been through some unforgettable times (the good, the bad and the ugly) and some of you I barely know. If I don't know you, IM me because I already love you. And well... I'll miss you. <3


(cross-posted to ne_leaders)</span>

Always & Onward, Michelle *South Shore*

Mood: rally high <3


  2005.05.01  18.09

spring rally pics are on here



-melissa, westfield


  2005.05.01  17.45

Spring Rally go-ers:

So how bout that weather, eh?! Unfortunately I'm not much of a blinding rain/deafening thunder/intense lightning kind of girl, but hey, it's kind of a funny memory.

I wrang (hmm imaginary word? Is it wrung?) out my sneakers when I got home. Along with ALL of the clothes I wore last night.

And I'm off to take a nap, in my room that has windows that close, and heat :P

Kim- Lowell Y


  2005.04.28  19.58

Join die_hards_x


  2005.04.12  16.55

Hey, everyone who cares should participate in the National Day of Silence, which is tomorrow.

"People who are silent today believe that laws and attitudes should be inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The day of silence is to draw attention to those who have been silenced by hatred, oppression, and prejudice."

PLEASE participate, I'm sure most of you either or, or know someone who is gay, lesbian, trans-sexual, or bisexual. Even if being silent for the day won't change anything directly, it at least shows those that you support them and accept them.

and those of you who DO decide to participate, you may want to print this out and show it to your teachers that day (in case they call on you, etc.), or to educate those who ask.

Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. People who are silent today believe that laws and attitudes should be inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The day of silence is to draw attention to those who have been silenced by hatred, oppression, and prejudice. Think about the voices you are not hearing. What can you do to end the silence?


  2005.04.03  20.28

Things I Learned From A Weekend In WestfieldCollapse )


  2005.03.31  20.02

Who is hosting the spring rally?
Has everyone gotten the paper thingies yet?
y havnt we(RYE YMCA) gotten ne thing?

can some one from where the rally is being hosted get back to me thank u

o yea btw the forms for our Spring Fling Dance are out so if u havnt gotten them u should be getting them soon...the date is May 14 and 15 cuz its a dance/overnight...hope everyone can make it...

Mood: confused

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